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The United Kingdom is an extremely popular place to visit, all year round, by people from all over the world. The second most popular destination to visit is Scotland and the most visited area of Scotland, is Edinburgh. Edinburgh has a population of over half a million people and is the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh is the second largest financial centre, after London and is home to numerous historical, cultural and world-famous locations. Just Edinburgh city can attract up to 5 million tourists each year and is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom. The most visited sites in Edinburgh include, Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Royal Yacht Britannia, The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo, Scotch Whiskey experience, Royal Botanic Garden, Calton Hill and Dean Village. Edinburgh is a truly fascinating city with lots to see and do and always alive with various activities, events and attractions. Which is why people from around the globe include Edinburgh as part of their UK tour, as it is a must-visit city. Minibus Hire Edinburgh have carried out numerous tours locally and nationally, and possess ample, expert knowledge in this sector, which is simply unrivalled by any other minibus hire company. Minibus Hire Edinburgh know exactly what people’s expectations are with private minibus hire and always deliver a service that meets these expectations and more. Minibus Hire Edinburgh are renowned for being a customer-focused company and hold an outstanding customer services record. Our knowledge and expertise in the private hire minibus sector, is second to none, which has ultimately, helped Minibus Hire Edinburgh climb to the top of the leader board.

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Many people, who travel in large groups no longer opt for public transport, as it’s highly inconvenient and can often cost a lot more than hiring a private minibus, with driver. With public transport, you have to find the means of travelling to and from the station, which is not only time-consuming and inconvenient, but the costs can very quickly add-up and many people have found that they have actually spent more than what they had initially budgeted for. It also means waiting around for your transport to arrive, regardless of the weather, which can deem extremely difficult, especially if you are travelling in large groups. Another issue that people face with public transport is the lack of privacy, which many travellers find uncomfortable. Using private minibus hire eliminates all the above-mentioned inconveniences and a lot of people found that it’s actually cost them less than using public transport. With private minibus hire, the minibus collects you from your chosen pickup location and drops you off outside your chosen destination. There’s no waiting involved with private minibus hire, as the minibus arrives at the allocated time. You know exactly what you are paying with private minibus hire, for the full excursion and there are no hidden costs or additional charges that you did not account for. Other than how convenient private minibus hire is, if you are booking, for example, a tour of Edinburgh, it is a much more enjoyable way of travelling and fully experiencing the sites Edinburg has to offer. You have all the privacy that you need, as you are travelling with friends and family, hence, are always free to have private discussions and feel comfortable in doing so. These are the reasons why so many people, both nationally and internationally, are now opting for private minibus hire, rather than public transport.

As well as tourists and visitors, the residents of the United Kingdom travel on a daily basis, around the country, for various purposes. A large majority of people that travel, prefer to travel in groups of 4 or more, hence, the demand for private minibus and coach hire is always extremely high. Edinburgh is a city where minibus and coach hire is constantly in demand by visitors, residents and commuters. Minibus Hire Edinburgh are all too familiar with the travel needs and demands by people in Edinburgh, as Minibus Hire Edinburgh have carried out hundreds and thousands of journeys over the years. Minibus Hire Edinburgh are the leading minibus hire providers in Edinburgh and have been well-established for over 10 years. Minibus Hire Edinburgh hold an outstanding record for delivering excellent customer services all round and are the most successful minibus hire company in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Minibus Hire Edinburgh are a company that has been built and developed, based purely on the travel needs and requirements of the people of Edinburgh. Everything that Minibus Hire Edinburgh offer is in direct response to what our customers have requested over the years and the very principals of our company, revolve wholly around our customers and their travel preferences. Minibus Hire Edinburgh are really well-known for organising every single booking, beforehand, in great detail. Minibus Hire Edinburgh always aim for delivering nothing less than perfection, hence, a substantial amount of time is spent with each customer and organising their journey for them. Minibus Hire Edinburgh do not have a standard service for all, each booking is pre-planned, prior to the day of travel, so that everything runs perfectly for you, on the day of travel. Minibus Hire Edinburgh help you select the right minibus for your particular journey, plan the best and most direct route for you and allocate the best times to travel, so that you arrive at your destination, in a timely manner. The number one priority for Minibus Hire Edinburgh is that your journey is absolutely perfect for you and that you fully enjoy your travel experience with us.

Minibus Hire Edinburgh offer some of the most comfortable minibuses that you will ever travel in, without costing you a fortune. All the minibuses are in pristine condition and are highly maintained by Minibus Hire Edinburgh. The high-quality of minibuses is one of the main reasons why Minibus Hire Edinburgh attract ample repeat business, as well as, our first-class customer services.

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